Web Shop Direct

  • Web Shop Direct is a UK based organisation of companies dedicated to providing the best range of clothing on the web. We have items from so many different designers and so many different types of clothing can be found, which is why we’ve started a new and distinct site for each.

    UK Tights

    UK Tights was our first company, launched in 2005. We began with just a few basic sheer tights and a lot of hard work. In less than a decade, we are the world’s biggest online store for hosiery and leg wear. We have over 50 brands including a few of our own private labels and we serve more than 250,000 customers.
    We continue to develop the UK Tights website and as it is our first and largest online store, it is always the flagship of our new efforts, including online tools and gadgets, new designers and partners, and anything else we want to bring to our customers.

    UK Swimwear

    UK Swimwear was started in 2008 as a way of bringing a new kind of clothing into our range that wasn't leg wear. As swimwear is not usually found on a leg wear site, we decided to take the opportunity to design a whole new site that would be distinct and unique.
    UK Swimwear is now one of the biggest and best places on the web for purchasing your swimwear. It also provides the best experience for shopping, with so many fantastic features that help you find what you are looking for and give you extra information that would not be there for you in a store.

    UK Lingerie

    UK Lingerie is our newest venture started in 2015, just after our 10th anniversary, and it is our highest end range of products yet. With so many different kinds of leg wear to choose from, we went with choice first, and with swimwear we wanted to balance choice and quality. But with lingerie, we discovered that there was really no other place on the web for the highest end items out there.
    Lingerie seems to be one of the few types of clothing where there is only the more basic items available online. For those who want stunning items that are simply beautiful, made of only the best fabrics, and designed by the most talented designers, UK Lingerie is the place for you.
    We have selected a smaller range of partners than normal, but each one is talented and dedicated to quality first and foremost. We chose small amounts and keep our collections small so that we can maintain this quality and beauty indefinitely.

    Our Future

    There are so many more things that the future holds for the Web Shop Direct group. We have many things in the pipeline and so much more in the early stages. We hope to launch new sites and improve our existing ones so that we are forever able to bring a better service to our customers. We improve our sites daily and expand our range weekly, so there is so much more you can look forward to from us.